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Nebojsa Rodic

Born in Belgrade, Serbia

Lived and painted for 3 years in Istanbul

Lived and painted for 4 years in Moscow

Lives and works in Washington D.C.  


After a long and successful career as a stained-glass artist in the Washington Metropolitan Area, currently creating fine art pieces in oil. He finds inspiration in Mediterranean landscapes, old towns, and the olive tree of his childhood memories from Montenegro. Explores a colorful palette while using brush strokes with an impasto technique. 



1982 -1987 BSc in Engineering 

1995 - 1997 Corcoran School of Art

1997- 2005 Stained Glass Artist at SGO


Grants & Awards 

2017 - Annual Friends of Yellow Barn First Place Award

Exhibitions & Festivals

2017 - Annual Friends of Yellow Barn Member Show

2018 - Yellow Barn Gallery Two Artist Show


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